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About Us

For over 25 years we have been helping entrepreneurs, big and small, streamline and simplify their business processes. Through extensive training and acquired experience, we have strengthened the financial systems of their organisations. The result has been enhanced efficiencies, improved information flow, and better quality decision-making and overall profits.

By providing good advice, streamlined implementation, and effective education and training we have assisted companies in:

  • Providing quality reporting to assist business decision making
  • Record sales easily & collect debts efficiently
  • Improve cash flow with effective supplier management
  • Be legally compliant
  • Automate bank transaction capturing & reconciling
  • Reduce & improve stock holding
  • Improve payroll & HR management

This has been achieved across many industries & through strategic partnerships, we expanded our product range and footprint across South Africa and abroad. With all this, we can offer our clients a solution tailored to suit their needs & budget.




Our team is our most important asset, another cliche but again very true. By looking after our team, we know that they will look after you. When our team enjoy what they do every day and are given the best training and tools we know that they will be doing their best for you. This relationship is based on trust, once again. This team consist of a professional accountant, SAGE qualified & certified consultants, many years of hands-on accounting & accounting systems experience and a boat load of aptitude for IT systems, business processes & systems and business administration.


Grant Sinclair is a qualified accountant with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants with a background in auditing, accounting and business processes. Grant has successfully run his accounting practice for more than 25 years migrating his business more to the side of business consulting and the design and implementation of business processes and electronic accounting information systems. He comes with experience in the auditing, financial management and business consulting fields.


Shelley Fourie has been in the accounting and electronic information systems arena for many years, with extensive experience in implanting electronic accounting information systems, first as an end user on Evolution, Pastel partner accounting and payroll then as a senior software consultant. Her aptitude is for IT and software in general and accounting, accounting systems and business process flow specifically. Shelley has successfully helped scores of clients, migrate from a state of uncertainty to a stable business information platform.

Our Products


    Payroll Systems


    ERP Systems


    No matter the size of our clients, big, small, or in between, our process is the same, only the complexity changes.

    • We get to know our client’s needs
    • We advise on what the best solution will be
    • Together with our clients, we implement the solution as agreed
    • We educate our clients & their staff to be self-sufficient in the day-to-day running of their business systems.